One Year in Movies

Wow, it’s been an entire year since I touched this bad boy. A very eventful year in movie going and working towards movie making. I have to admit I hit a screenwriting skid this year and doubted myself to the point that I stopped writing consistently for several months. It was the most agonizing few months of my life because movies and writing them are my life. Without them I would truly not be who I am and for so long I just couldn’t sitdown and finish what I started listening to individuals who did not have my best interests in mind and who were not looking out for my own good as a writer. I’m back in the saddle now and after wasting 2010 I’m going to make the most of 2011.

As for movies: I have to say that I finally saw Crazy Heart, Moon, Precious, The Proposal, Away We Go,The Blindside, and Hurt Locker and those films were easily into my top 10-15 for 2009(The Blindside ,The Proposal just misses the cut at 16, 20 respectively). 

If I could do a recount it would be:

1. District 9
2. 500 Days of Summer
3. Hurt Locker
4. Taken
5. Precious
6. Moon
8. Away We Go
9. Duplicity
10. Crazy Heart
11.  Star Trek 
12.The Hangover
13. I love You Man
14. Julia & Julia
15. Revolutionary Road

I thought 2009 was an underrated year for movies to be honest. Too many people got hung up on the likes of Transformers 2, and how “hollywood’s Lost it” with commercialism and not celebrating the gems.

So, 2010 has been interesting to say the least with my movie going. I fell in love with Kristen Bell thanks to When in Rome and You Again. I don’t care what anyone says but this sassy lil’ blonde has a sharp tongue and loads of charm.

I want to see MORE Russell Brand, Get Him To The Greek should garner him a comedic nod at the Golden Globes. I know if I was voting it damn well should.

Inception is my movie of the year. I don’t care what the Nolan haters say! I love this movie.  Something like dreams drive us, and i felt that Leo put in one of his best performances with his turn in this film. And having to come to grips with the harsh realities of our lives. Dreams show us so much. I felt Nolan nailed this as well as the visually stunning and mind bending twists.

Also, I love Julia Roberts, I loved Eat Pray Love, and I “got” it. Some cynical people will say meh some well to do reporter has “mid-life crisis” but think for one second. We all have crisis and want to run away from what matters the most and close ourselves off. This movie to me nailed the simplicity of the fact that all people have that common ground. And Julia and Javir Bardem make a cute pair but not as cute as Jules and Clive Owen. My god what a dreamy onscreen pair, if you haven’t please see Duplicity and Closer.

I want you all to stay tuned because I will be doing a full review of The Kids Are Alright, and Inception from the 2010 Summer Oscar fodder. After dvd viewings.

So stay tuned.  Best of 2010 list is forthcoming as well. Johnny at the movies is back baby. 🙂