Current Screenwriting Projects

These are the three projects that I am  currently working on right now  getting them ready for submissions to both contests and talent agencies in 2010.

“Schoolyard Bullies”


 Two overprotective parents become masked vigilantes to save their two high school teenagers from being bullied.  

 Jacob and Chanda on the surface are your typical middle class couple with two teenage kids living a typical middle class life as school teachers at the local high school. Beneath it all they’re masked vigilantes, superheroes for the geeks and nerds taking out their bullies and tormentors for a fee after both of their twins Mike and Trixie get initiated into high school by being bullied by the popular couple and star football player and head cheerleader Quincy, and Bella. All hell breaks loose when Mike and Chanda break their pact with their children not to get involved into their social lives and they begin to exact revenge with extreme prejudice and excessive force against all bullies.


Genre: Romantic Dramedy

Premise: A grieving young hispanic woman goes on the run to escape reality after the sudden death of her beloved father leaving family, friends, and loved ones behind until she meets a handsome widower who turns her world upside down.

Synopsis: Alexis Espenoza has it all a good life, great family, budding career in journalism, and a handsome and ambitious fiancee’. Nothing can go wrong or so she thinks until her wealthy father Manny dies suddenly sending her family into limbo and a great deal of grief. Unable to handle the pressure of life without her father Alexis goes on the run becoming a career vacationer going from one vacation to another to escape the great pain and responsibility in her life if she stays put. She breaks off her marriage, abandons her family, and lives a life care free with no attachments until she meets a struggling widower and single father Franky. Who displays a great deal of the strong character and morals her beloved father represented and after falling in love with him she continues to run until she can not run anymore when Franky runs her down.

“Chubby Chasers”

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Mockumentry

Premise: Overweight Super Comedian Melvin Franklin gets his own celebreality dating show to see if he can find true love. The only catch is that his most hated rival model/actor Landon Max is cast as his wingman.

Synopsis: Melvin Franklin has it all, fame, fortune, friends, you name it but what he doesn’t have is love. A hopeless romantic the overweight stand-up comedian and actor longs to find true love. When three young ambition television producers approach Melvin with a chance to find the love of his life on a reality tv show with only the hottest women he bites. Un aware of the catch that Landon Max will be the man helping him cut down the field until he finds his dream girl. These producers also tell Landon that he will be the star of the show so that he agrees not telling him his true role until they begin shooting the show. Once Landon finds out he will have to help Melvin his hatred for the comedian clouds his vision turning this into a competition to see if the dream girl chooses true love with the overweight funny man or superficial bliss with the chiselled ladies man.