Till Beth Do Us Part!

Til Beth Do Us Part
Jon Hurwitz & Hayden Schlossberg

Genre: Comedy
Premise: When Hopeless bachelor Andy finally finds the love of his life in Beth Fischer after a whirlwind romance they get engaged. His Angry best friend Gavin sets out to ruin their relationship so they will break up and he’ll get his best friend back.

From the beginning this movie sets a tone and sticks with it. Andy and Gavin are complete losers, Andy is the unsure nice guy, and Gavin is the crass best buddy who mooches off Andy.  The opening scene is laugh out loud funny where they are excited about getting two extremely hot women in their apartment. They go to get these girls drinks and have a sidebar. They both bicker over if these girls are going to want anything to do with them Gavin is convinced that these women are going to have sex with them, Andy is hoping that he can land a long lasting relationship with Paula, while it’s obvious Gavin wants to bang Stacy. So after Gavin wears down Andy they both go out there with the drinks and sit down to enjoy the evening. While setting the mood for a good time Andy goes to put it on the hip-hop channel on Direct TV. They come across Pretty Women while surfing the channel and the girls MUST watch this movie. Gavin agonised over it. Andy insists. He caves. They flirt with the girls and joke around with “what this night is going to cost them”, and they start kissing them. The girls back off and get upset when the boys don’t pay up. That’s right these ladies are high class hookers. They’ve been playing these two from the get go and now they want the money for the evening to progress to where Gavin had hoped it would going “Balls deep inside these ladies”.  The boys flip out. Insults fly, an argument breaks out and these girls call them both losers. One pulls a switch blade on them. Andy accuses them of stealing his iPod. It gets out of hand they storm out and knock over a lamp. Both the boys are dejected. They perk up at the thought of iHop and they’re off.

For me, this is the perfect way to show us that these guys are losers when it comes to women because they end up irritating and running off hookers. And that Andy was actually starting to fall for the hooker. It is without a doubt something that I can envision happening that you’re so hard up you’d actually be blind not to see what’s going on.

Once at IHOP our heros make a pact that they will live the bachelor life forever. That everything will be just Gavin and Andy forever, and they’ll screw as many hot chicks as they want and live the good life.  They even toast to this.

The next time, Jose Reyes’ birthday party at the posh exclusive club “Les Crux” where there’s a swimming pool in the middle of the place. They go, and drag along Andy’s loser friend Pat who thinks he’s a player and dresses like Mystery from VH1’s “The Pick Up Artist”. He’s a complete tool and even Gavin can’t stand him.

This shows how much Gavin is a one friend guy. That he does not want to go out with Pat who is just like him and Andy in that he’s a huge dork. Except that he’s not willing to hang out with him constantly calling him “Andy’s friend” and Pat tries so hard to prove himself to Gavin failing miserably. Planting the seeds of Gavin’s clinginess.

The boys hit the club. It’s filled with beautiful people. Wall to wall hotties. Pat goes out on the dance floor and Andy and Gavin ditch him. Pat makes a fool of himself while Andy and Gavin watch with horror from a distance glad they didn’t tag along. Gavin spots Beth, she’s a perfect hottie, he points her out to Andy, he tells Andy to go talk to her. She hits him in the crotch with a Nerf football. He makes a joke, she laughs   too hard, she’s into Andy. Gavin urges him to get into the pool. Andy debates. he doesn’t have swim trunks. He goes in his boxers after losing this debate with Gavin. He comes out of the locker room she’s gone and Andy is dejected. Beth shows up again and his alerts him that his penis is sticking out of his boxers. He tucks it away, they joke around, and hug. Because after she’s already seen his “little soldier” there’s no use in shaking hands. She’s into him. They agree to hang out.

Gavin is stuck with Pat who infuriates a bunch of black guys after hitting on one of the dudes girlfriend who is also black, and then uses the word “niggardly” to describe being cheap to compound the issue. They have to run. Andy’s saved from the mess as Gavin tells him to go with Beth. They hit it off. They start dating.

This is the turning point. As Gavin has to put up with Beth being around for a year as we jump forward into the script where Beth’s spending the night and calling him Snuggle Baby, and having them be the almost married couple at this point. This sickens him. Absolutely sickens him to no end.

He’s losing Andy to this girl and he doesn’t like it. Andy and Beth are celebrating their one year anniversary and Beth makes Andy “The Best Cupcakes ever” and then he proposes to her.  He tells Gavin this and Gavin gets more and more upset over it but feigns happiness for his best friend. Gavin realizes that Andy’s breaking their bachelors and best buds forever pact. Things are changing and Gavin doesn’t like it one bit.  He is the best man on the bright side.

As the relationship progresses Andy draws farther and farther away from Gavin, and Gavin’s rudeness comes out more and more. Gavin hates that he’s losing Andy and the more he clings to his friend the further he distances himself away from Gavin. Every attempt for Gavin to “hang out” with Andy is thwarted because Andy and Beth have so much to do in planning the wedding.

This is where Gavin becomes desperate. And I know what it is like to feel as if you’ve lost or are losing your best friend because I’ve been there before. It’s not a pretty place and perception can become reality. Instead of just asking Beth if he could spend some time with his best friend Andy goes with the flow. This forces Gavin to act out of frustration and puts Andy on the defensive wanting to please but his friend and his lover.

It can not end well.  It does not. After Andy’s sick and twisted Uncle Sid laments losing Andy’s father Mr. Goldman to his wife and their friendship ending. Missing the “good ole’ days” and that life’s over after you get married at the Engagement Party. This lights a fire under Gavin.

In hopes of hooking Gavin up with one of Beth’s friends so that they can spend more time together Andy sets up a double date that becomes a triple date. Gavin hates his date, and makes her life miserable, he even rants against marriage with infuriates both Beth, and her engaged friend Zoey. While leaving doubts in Andy and Zoey’s fiancee’ Eddie’s minds.

Mission Accomplished! Planting the seeds of Andy breaking up with Beth so he can save the day.

Gavin takes Andy Paintballing when Andy should be with Beth at the Wedding Fair. Andy’s shot in the face without protective gear and is hurt badly. Gavin tags along to the fair and beats up a Madonna Drag Queen Tranny who kisses him while the he/she is performing a song.

Everyone’s horrified. Gavin’s plans look to be backfiring.

During Andy’s bachelor party, Gavin pays two strippers to sleep with Andy and give him his “ultimate fantasy” of a threesome. This backfires, Andy finds out, and rejects the girls. He really loves Beth. Things blow up between Gavin and Andy they break up their friendship.

So Gavin’s plans have full backfired. He’s uninvited to the wedding and he’s lost his best friend in the process. His worst fears have become a reality and it’s his own doing. He’s sad and for good reason he has screwed himself out of a best friend.

Andy prepares for the wedding half heartedly without his best friend.

Gavin’s life spirals out of control.

These are all what you would call cliche’ but with the twists and the different plays off the age old story of one best friend growing up and the other struggling to grow up. It has a nice ring to it. It’s funny, laugh out loud funny and I like that there is a contrast as Andy has to get a back bone and stand up for himself. While Gavin has to learn that he can not depend on everyone to do everything for him, and to hold his hand and walk him through life.

Andy sticks up for himself and for Beth.

Gavin learns that he can’t continue to act this way by getting rejected by his best friend.

The wedding goes down and Gavin refuses to miss it. Pours his heart out to Beth and he is there for the wedding as the best man.

What I really liked about this script. Is that it shows a friendship, a true friendship, and bond between Andy and Gavin, and also that it is flawed. Even though there are healthy friend moments going on that it is  unhealthy for Gavin to depend solely on Andy, and Andy to depend on Gavin.

I could not stop laughing throughout the script. Gavin is a real fire starter so to speak. When he hits the scene there is going to be some kind of shenanigans and you can not wait to see what happens good or bad. He speaks his mind and doesn’t hold back.

This is an R-Rated comedy for sure. It has some dark moments that are hilariously funny. I would say check out the script. It is worth the read.


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